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Commercial loans for Apartments, Mixed Use, Multi Family, Fix & Flip, Fix & Hold Residential Investment, Single Use, Offices, Senior Housing, Strip Stores, Hotels, Equity Participation.

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Loan Rates and Lending Matrix

Commercial Lending Programs

1. Small Balance Investment Property loans

2. Investment Property loan amounts over $3 Million

3.  Small Balance Multi Family and Mixed Use

4.  Multi family and Mixed Use loan amounts over $3 Million

5. Owner Occupied up to $10 Million (51% of the property is occupied by the owner)

6. Bridge Loans (Loans to stabilized a property in order to qualify for Bank Rate end or term loan)

7.  Hard Money (Rates are based on the quality of the asset while income, expenses and credit of the owner are not normally considered)

8.  Private Money (Rates, terms and loan amounts are negotiable depending on the type of deal, its location and the investment of the owner)

9.  Blanket Loans (5 or more similar income producing properties)

Commercial Loan Rates

Overview of Commercial Loan Lending Rates

  Loan Program   Loan Amounts   Estimated Rates  
McMann Small Balance Commercial   $100,000 to $3 Million   3.99% to 5.99%  
  (Full doc with Fully Seasoned Properties)                
McMann Small Balance Commercial   $100,000 to $3 Million    5.99% to 7.99%  
  (Limited Doc, No Tax Returns or less than Stablalized Properties)            
Conduit  CMBS     $2 Million Plus     4.75% to 5.92%  
Apartment Fannie Mae     $750,000 Plus     4.02% to 5.089%  
Apartment Freddie Mac   $1 Million Plus     3.260% to 4.310%  
Apartment FHA     $3 Million Plus   3.80% to 4.60%  
Apartment Development   $1 Million Plus     4.25% to 5.250%  
Bridge to Stabalize     $1 Million Plus     7.99% to 12.99%  
SBA 7a       $150,000 to $5 Million   5.25% to 6.75%  
USDA, B&I       $500,000 to $5 Million   5.0% to 6.5%    
Blankets (5 or more like properties)   $1 Million to $100 Million 4.5% to 6.5%    
Hard Money       $500,000 to $35 Million 6.99% to 12.99%  
Insurance Company Loans   $5 Million Plus     3.840% to 4.720%  

Financing Programs:  Acquisitions ▪Refinancing ▪Rehab/Renovation ▪ Value Added Condo Inventory ▪Partner Buy Outs ▪ Lease Ups ▪ Cash Outs ▪ Light Construction ▪ Construction Take Out ▪ Bridge to Sale ▪Blankets

Properties Financed:  Multi-Family ▪ Apartments ▪Mixed Use ▪ Retail ▪ Office ▪Investment Properties (houses/Condos) ▪Industrial ▪ Warehouse ▪ Development ▪ Others by Application.

Due Diligence Notes:  Rates are for the contigeous United States and subject to the location and condition of the property, the experience and credit of the applicants.  Population restrictions may apply.  Most Loans can not close in a personal name usuually all loans close in LLC or C Crop  Recourse and non recourse will depend on the loan program.  Government loans are full recourse.  All borrowers should have at least a 10% liquidity factor along with creidt scores of 650 plus for all 3 bureaus,  except for Hard Money Loans.  McMann will order appraisal and all thrid party reports.  Registered Brokers are protected and are paid at closing.

Call 800-616-7276 with questions. All properties are pre udnerwritten before an LOI is issued.