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Commercial loans for Apartments, Mixed Use, Multi Family, Fix & Flip, Fix & Hold Residential Investment, Single Use, Offices, Senior Housing, Strip Stores, Hotels, Equity Participation.

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Why McMann Commercial Lending should interest you!  The difference between a Commercial loan broker and a Correspondent lender.

As you might know, one of the most recurrent and critical considerations throughout the lifecycle of the loan origination and servicing process is knowledge. The quality and materiality of information must be accurate, transparent and ultimately well targeted to the right customer. This is why McMann commercial is an ideal lending partner for your needs and beats commercial loan brokers in this regard.

Commercial loan brokers basically do one thing, they shop for loans through the regular traditional channels of banks and practically marry their performances to this singular market source, thereby limiting their market grab of customers who crave more custom-made solutions and the convenience of multiple partners which as we all know, helps to drive the best bargain in business. An uneven yoking of solutions to institutions results, leading to poor customer service and satisfaction.


McMann’s Commercial is a correspondent lender and by definition and operational intent, works to assure its customers acquire ‘just right’ mortgage products specific to their needs. This means by engaging McMann Commercial as your correspondent lender, you partner with a company with its mortgage tentacles spread everywhere, finding you the right partners with expert information and know-how in the commercial niche that concerns you and drives business. This practically shoves out all generic solutions and doubles down only on the markets that particularly treat your mortgage concern.

A commercial loan broker fails at the core skill of connecting prospects with custom made solutions. A correspondent lender imbues your business with the convenience of a middle man that works with you to ail the wheels of growth, thus ensuring better results and premium service. McMann Commercial would be delighted to help you access loans and connect you to business prospects within your niche market for results that you fancy. Reach out to us, let’s talk some more about partnering up.


Mc Mann Commercial Lending is a Direct National Commercial Mortgage Banker that provides mortgage brokers, community bankers, commercial bankers and borrowers access to the secondary market for long term, fixed rate, non recourse and recourse commercial real estate mortgage loans:

  • ü  Correspondent Direct Lender
  • 0  Commercial Real Estate Underwriting
  • ü  Secondary Market Placement
  • ü  Private Placement
  • 0  Distressed Debt Opportunities
  • ü  Due Diligence
  • ü  2nd opinions
  • ü  Alternative – Debt/Equity Structures
  • ü  Equity Participation
  • Mc Mann has proven expertise with a seasoned history of completed underwritten transactions. The McMann team offers prudent advice and proactive transaction management that result in straightforward, customized solutions. Our corporate culture is based on taking a personal approach to supporting client objectives. By limiting the number of clients we agree to represent, we are able to provide a full service, advisory experience that is unique in today’s non personalized corporate structures.

Income Producing Properties that McMann Finances

  • Multi Family ( 5 units or more)
  • Affordable Housing (LHTC, Bonds, Section 8, HAP)
  • Student & Military Housing
  • Senior & Assisted Living
  • Single Use Buildings
  • Retail Strip Malls
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Office
  • Warehouse
  • Self Storage
  • Garages and Parking Lots

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